Happy Herts

Happy Herts

Happy Herts is Bishop’s Wellbeing’s new community project which has been created to provide person-centred and community integrated services for health and well being.  It is not unusual for people to experience times of difficulty in their life with two-thirds of all adults having experienced trauma in their lifetime and now more than ever we are seeing an increase of people struggling following the pandemic, global fear and rising costs of living which has collectively impacted the mental health and well-being of many people.  

By design, Happy Herts has been developed to create integrated community support which allows people to identify the areas of need in their life by working with our team and mentors. The person-centred program puts people at the heart of its services, understanding that no two people are the same and we all require different types of support, to ensure we can live life well. Working with people to identify the issues they are facing and provide the support required to help people to help themselves.  This empowering and enabling program allows people to realise their own needs and potential to live well.  

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Project Sundown 

Project Sundown is a community project which has been part-funded by the Police Crime Commissioners Action Fund, which aims to raise awareness around nighttime safety and sexual and domestic violence. 


This project is Bishop's Wellbeing's response to the rise in the number of domestic abuse, drink spiking, and sexual and homophobic assaults being reported in Bishop’s Stortford. and surrounding villages. 


We aim to deliver this project in partnership with the local community voluntary sector and statutory services, whilst working closely with community groups, local pubs, bars, restaurants, the retail sector and alongside support provided by the local police force. 

Our key deliverables include:

  • Delivering information and support that seeks to raise community knowledge on how to keep safe, identify and report any criminal activity and feel supported doing so.  

  • Creating educational materials and digital content with our partners to raise community awareness of nighttime safety and to raise the profiles of the many services available.  

  • To collaboratively create a connected pathway of support for victims and work with partners through signposting and referrals to ensure people can access the services that they need to support them in crisis or having experienced trauma. 

  • Campaign and advocate for positive change. 

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Social Silence - Launching June 2022

Find your voice with...Social SIlence. 

Social Silence is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Zara Skidmore and Laura Bentley and a lecture series that challenges health and social inequalities in our community.  During the covid pandemic, it is well documented that there has been a rise in health inequalities with social determinants widening the gap between those affected.  The social, political, economic, cultural, environmental and physical contexts all have implications for power relations; directly impacting socially marginalised people’s ability to exercise their voice and to be heard.  

When a person feels as though the whole world is against them, they see no point in speaking up. When society blames everything and everyone but the abuser or perpetrators, the person affected will not speak up.

We need to do better as a society. People need to feel safe to speak up. No individual affected by inequalities or abuse should ever fear speaking out! Every individual deserves the chance to Thrive!

We invite local organisations to share advice and information.  We provide a platform for Thrivers to share their stories and give them the opportunity to be heard. 

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Wheat Field

Happy Hub

As we plan for the future we are hoping to find a suitable location in which we can create a Hub of Happiness.

We are on the lookout for the perfect piece of land or building to create a safe space in which people can access a community and be supported to make positive changes in their life. 

If you can help us or point us in the right direction, we would love to hear from you. 

Please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.  Alternatively, email: info@bishopswellbeing.org or call us on 01279 942100. 

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