The Full Story



Bishop's Wellbeing was founded by Zara Skidmore, in a bid to offer unified support for individuals during difficult periods in their life to support and empower people to live happier lives.

Having experienced periods of difficulty herself, Zara knows all too well how difficult it is in a period of trauma to be in the right mindset to tell your story and ask for help, only to find yourself 'ping-ponging' between services.

Bishop's Wellbeing believes our mindset coupled with our human connections determine the social, emotional and economic outcomes of our lives. 


With our support, we can provide the services, mentoring and companionship required to help build individuals' resilience and feelings of happiness. 


We are empowering people to access work and learning, health and community support. To deliver better outcomes for people, the local area and the environment in connected communities. 

Happy Team


To deliver happiness and well-being education, training and support services that empower people's feelings of happiness.  



Bishop’s Wellbeing's vision is to create connected communities, that understand everyone is different, and their needs are individual to them.  Enabling and empowering people to reconnect, particpate and thrive at home, at work and in our communities.